mr. bond

well, i just found out that my old physics teacher died.  most people wouldn’t care when an old teacher died, and this isn’t my first to die.  however, this is a teacher that really affected my life.  he was the first teacher to take a real interest in my grade for ME.  my dad was a teacher, and worked at the high school i went to, and whenever my grade dropped he would know.  mr. bond was the first teacher to tell ME rather than him so i could get my grade up.

mr. bond was a wonderful teacher.  he was always there to give me extra help and he was always one to explain something so i could understand it.  he was the most dynamic teacher i’ve ever had and the only one who was always there when i needed him.  his class was the only one that i ever really ENJOYED taking, that was never boring, and that i really learned something in.

this world is a lesser place without him, and i’m very sorry for that.  i’m sorry for the students that will never know the genius he was, and the wonderful teacher and friend he could be.  i will miss him dearly, and the academic world is missing a crucial link now that they have lost him.  R.I.P Chris Bond, you will be missed by all.


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