social quandry…

what is it with some men?  why is it that many men view women as if they were property?  i’m tired of men using women like they would use a car.  when she’s new and shiny, he’s all for her, she has that ‘new car smell.’  but after awhile, the smell and the shiny fade, and he wants something new again, something better.  many men in today’s society throw away perfectly good relationships with stable, hard-working women, because they are no longer new.  he wants that new, sleeker, shinier model, that he will eventually get bored with, and take to the junkyard.  very few men nowadays stick to one woman, or one car.  not many men will fight with someone about that perfect model of car they still own, that they will stay with until the day the thing dies.  many men nowadays will talk about the perfect model of car they USED to own, just like they will always talk about that one perfect girl they had, that they let go.  but my question is, if they know she was the perfect model for them, why let her go?  the answer lies in the psychology of men.  men always want the best, the new, the shiny, the thing that will get him the most attention from his buddies…and not in a bad way.  he wants to know that the girl on his arm is the best looking girl out there, damn the sweetheart he was dating before her.  many men nowadays don’t go for intelligence or personality…it’s all about the look.  just like the new car he brought home last week, his new girl will eventually go with it.  he’ll eventually grow tired of her, find everything that’s wrong with her, and start scoping out for the newly-released model.  why is it that men can never be content with a car or girl they know works, why do they always have to junk them and start anew?


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