Another thought…

just having a random thought today, so i figured i would write it down and get it out of my head.  why is it, that no matter how many times you fight with someone that you love, you love them no less than you did before?  it doesn’t always matter what they say to you, because they love you.  and it’s not that they say anything terrible to you, because for those people that truly love you, they will never say anything they would regret later.  you always apologize for being bothered by something stupid, but you always say something to them about it, because otherwise it will eat at you no matter how small it may be.  but even if you scream at each other at the top of your lungs, afterwards you love each other just as much.  why?  is it that you’re completely committed to that one person, or is it that it never really matters what happens between you because the good times outweigh the bad?  i don’t know if we will ever know, just a thought i was having…


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