when will people begin to really listen?

what is it with people nowadays?  no one ever listens to what others have to say, and they don’t even try to conceal it.  even when someone is your friend, you family member, or the love of your life, they will tune you out most of the time because they could care less about what you’re talking about, or they don’t like what you’re talking about.  either way, it doesn’t matter who you talk to, you will never really have an audience.

why is it that no one cares?  why can’t people take 10 minutes out of their day to have a conversation with someone else?  why must everyone always nod and say ‘yup’ even when they haven’t heard a word you’re saying?  i think most people nowadays could give a rats ass as to what others are talking about, but rather than get in trouble for not caring, they nod their head in agreement and pretend to listen.  i feel like most days of my life people look right through me.  no one cares what i have to say, or what i’m thinking, they’re too busy with other things to take the time out to sit down and talk.  i’m tired of people looking around me or through me when i am talking to them.  i’m tired of the continual nodding heads that have no idea i’m even there and talking to them.  i’m waiting for the day when i can meet someone who looks me dead in the face while i’m talking to them and tells me ‘i hear you.’


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