my life currently…

so i’ve been in west virginia here for awhile now.  it has certainly been hard at times, don’t get me wrong, i have my days where home seems very far away, but i’m definitely beginning to settle in.  being here by myself has been an experience for me, one that i honestly wouldn’t trade for the world because it’s helped me find who i am.  i’ve begun to do the things that i want to do, and i don’t need anyone’s permission to do it.  i listen to the music i want, talk to the people i want, and do what i want to my own body, and i don’t have to worry about what others will think.  this is me, take it or leave it.  i now have 3 tattoos, 3 piercings (2 of which, my ears, i had when i came here).  i’ve begun to learn to express myself in other ways than just having a boyfriend, and i’m really beginning to like myself in my own skin, without the need of someone else to tell me i’m pretty.  i am who i am, take it or leave it, tattoos, piercings and all.  if you don’t like those, then you don’t like me because they are an extension and an expression of important things in my life that have made me who i am.

even though i don’t think west virginia is where i’m going to stay, this has definitely been the experience of a lifetime, and it’s an experience that i will forever cherish as a huge growth within myself.  so thank you to everyone who has been here for me during everything and who hasn’t given up on me.  thank you manda for always texting me to see how i’m doing, thank you mom for fixing my car and letting me visit, thank you dave for being your usual annoying self all the time, thank you dad and chelsea and aunt cheryl for checking up and keeping connected.  thank you tristan for your always helpful advice, thank you to judy for being so alike me, thank you april for being a good friend to me, thank you paul for helping me in a select few situations, but i especially want to thank C.  even though we haven’t talked long, your encouragement to be myself and do what i want has meant a lot.  i never have to worry about what you’re going to think when i do something because you’re always accepting, and supportive of me just learning who i am as a person.  that’s something that i thought i had but never really truly began to obtain until i came here and i met you, so thank you for helping me be the person i want to be, and thank you for just listening to me and being there.


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