starting anew

i’m sure as most of you can see, i deleted a majority of my blog.  i did this because i’m turning over a new leaf, i’m starting fresh, and i didn’t want a majority of the reminders of my past experiences.  while most would say that you should keep them, so you can look back on them and learn from them, i say screw that, i learned from them, and i don’t need to be reminded.  for the past 4 months i’ve been hurting, and i’m not willing to do it anymore.  i’m done with that.  i’m not going to look behind me anymore, or wonder about what could have been, i’m too busy worrying about what could be.

there’s someone new in my life, someone wonderful, someone supportive, someone i’m beginning to care about.  he’s beginning to mean a lot to me, and he’s healing me.  slowly but surely i feel the pieces of my heart being put back together.  i’m moving on with my life, once step at a time, and a great weight has been lifted off of me.  it’s hard to explain how i feel, because i’m a great mix of emotion.  i’m excited, not only to see this person, but to see where things go with him.  i’m anxious at the same time because everything is new, and i’m definitely NOT used to new.

but that is my vow, to start fresh.  to look ahead at the future and see where my path leads me.


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