funnest day EVER!

so i totally had the best day i’ve had in a long time….but it’s one of the funniest days at the same time. i got to drive to stoughton to meet up with april so she and i could have a fun girls night. we went to hobby lobby, where she bought me some beautiful yarn and a bunch of yarn accessories. then we went to dinner at this korean restaurant that she loves, and it was sooo good. then we went to see twilight together, and drool over the hot men….mmmmm, i’ll take cam or jackson anyday of the week. we then headed towards home and i left her just off 69/pb for my drive home. now comes the funny part….i got home and realized that i was starting to itch….so when i went to change to get ready for bed, i realized i’d broken out into hives!!!! i have NEVER broken out in hives….not until tonight! something in dinner must be messing with my system because i’m totally breaking out! i laughed so hard when i called april to let her know…i felt so bad though because she loves that korean place, and we were excited that we could eat there….excitement that was short lived.

this is by far the most fun and funniest day i’ve had in a long time. thanks a bunch april!!! love you babes!

UPDATE!!!!  it wasn’t the korean food!!  april and i came to realize that i was allergic to the hat she’d made me!  poor apo(yes, i’m going to call you that just this once) worked so hard on that beautiful hat, and i was ALLERGIC!!!  damn alpacas!


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