a look behind…

the funny thing about life is the opportunity to look back at your experiences.  a post i wrote over a year ago seems to ring more true than i ever thought it would.  i made a post about men in our society and how their women are much like the cars they own.  it’s strange now, having had over a year of experiences since that post was written, to see how the words i wrote then could ring more true than even i could have imagined.  now don’t get me wrong, not only men are conceded and use the people in our lives.  many women can be included in that post, it does go both ways….but to look back at that post and realize just how true it would become is astonishing to me sometimes.  i know firsthand how it feels to be treated that way, to be the ‘old model’.  i used to be the new shiny car that he couldn’t get enough of, and the minute i needed work, i was no longer worth it, he wanted to brand new ‘problem-free’ model.  the funny thing is though, his ‘new model’ will eventually become the old, and he’ll once again have to look for something else.  that’s why i’m happy with the person i’m with now, he’s not anything like that.  he’s already shown a lot of compassion for this thrown-out model.  and unlike my ex, he’s not a sex addict, which is a huge relief.  he’s shown more respect for me in the past 2 months than my ex ever did.  there are a few men in this world who enjoy and have a lot of respect for those older models of car, and women, and they know when they’ve found the right one for them.  it’s good to know there are those few out there who knows when something good drops into their lap, and for all those that can’t settle for their perfect woman or car, karma is a bitch, and it will catch up with you someday.  regardless of others actions in your life, YOUR actions in your life will eventually catch up with you, so careful with what you do.  for those men out there who know how to treat other people, karma will catch up with you as well, and the way you treat others will be reciprocated.


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