A Word of Advice

I’ve been thinking about something the last few days, trying to determine exactly what it is I wanted to say before I posted it up here.  I want to make sure that it comes across clear and isn’t misconstrued.  After having been in two very serious relationships for the past seven years, I have one piece of advice-

Be honest with your partner.

That’s it, those 5 simple words, that for some reason soooo many people have difficulty with.  I’m not saying you need to be mean or rude to your partner to be honest, but hiding and lying about things to your partner is the beginning of the end for you.  By being honest with them, you also let them in on who you are as an individual.  You can never be truly happy with anyone unless you are yourself.

I have always been a blunt person, who’s very much the type of girl that believes if you don’t like me at my worst, you certainly can’t have me at my best.  I’m not usually the warm and fuzzy type, more crass and brusk than most.  This can definitely be hard to handle for some people, but it’s who I am as a person.  For those that don’t like it, there’s the door.  At some point in my life, I will meet someone who appreciates me for ME, and all that comes with me, and won’t expect me to change everything about myself so they’re more comfortable.  I honestly can’t wait for the day I meet someone who lives by my advice I’ve written above.  It is all I’ve ever wanted in someone…to be real.  I’m done with these childish relationships where I’m the mother and them, the child.  I want a man for once in my life, and I’m looking forward to a bright and beautiful future.


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