They Just KNOW


There’s that old saying, that animals just know when someone isn’t a decent person…and for once in my life I’m seeing it first-hand. As most of you already know, I have 2 cats, Lucy and Atticus. Personality-wise my cats are polar opposites. Lucy is very independent while Atticus is very dependent. But I’ve seen a shift in one of my cats recently which really makes me wonder if the person I had living with me and taking care of them with me for the past year was doing something when I wasn’t home. Over the past 2 months, Lucy’s personality has changed. Granted, I wouldn’t say she dependent like Atticus but she’s gone from being a standoffish cat to one who seeks my attention. She now sleeps with me every night (unlike before where she despised being in the bedroom with us at night) and even sleeps ON me. If I’m watching TV she comes over and hums at me for attention, she runs to greet me at the door, and even went so far as to rub her face all over mine today. Granted, she stopped attacking me when I brought Atticus home but she’s done a complete 180 since October. Even now, she currently cuddled up behind me while Atticus sleeps at my feet.

My aunt and I have even noticed a change in her dogs. None of them seem scared or timid anymore and even Gretta seems happier. It just really makes me wonder what was going on when I wasn’t home. Even the amount of cat litter I’ve gone through has greatly diminished. I really hope nothing was going on with these animals while I was gone at class or at work, and I hope it was just their way of trying to let the rest of us in the house know there was someone in the house that shouldn’t be, but in the back of my mind I will always wonder. I’ve never come across any animal who’s personality completely changed, especially ones who are already adults, unless coming from a situation of abuse into one without. Just something I’ve noticed and wondered about lately. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on?


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