Things Are About to Get Real

So in a little over a week, things are about to get real for me.  Mike and I have been together for 2 months and next weekend, I’m going to meet his mom.  I’m not nervous, but at the same time, I’m nervous.  I’m not nervous because Mike makes me comfortable with the situation.  From what little contact I’ve had with her, that is always through Mike, since I haven’t met her yet, she seems sweet.  On the other hand, I’m nervous because the last time I met the mother of the person I was dating was 6 years ago, and that didn’t go well.  Not that the meeting was bad or anything, it’s just she hated me for the next 6 years because her son couldn’t be honest with me.  And while I know that’s not going to happen this time around, it still makes me wonder what will go wrong.

I sincerely hope nothing will go wrong, because I really like Mike, and I would love to have the relationship with his mom that I have with Mark’s mom.  The kind of relationship where we love to spend time together and hang out.  The kind of relationship where I don’t dread going to visit because of the sly looks and the whispers when I leave the room.  I’m nervous but I’m hopeful.  Hopeful for a new beginning, and a fresh start this time around.

One thing that’s been on my mind lately has been the fact that Mike wants me to meet his mom.  I’ve never dated anyone that honestly wanted me to meet their family, least of all either of their parents.  Mike is definitely very different from those I have dated in the past.  Not saying he’s completely different because obviously there were attributes in my exes that drew me to them, like their goofiness.  Mike is different in the sense that he’s honest, loyal, and wants me to meet his family.  It makes me nervous but at the same time, I really like it.  It’s nice to know that I’m not being hidden away.  So in a week things are about to get real, and while I’m nervous, I’m hopeful.


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