These Spring Days…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, which I know many of you probably think is dangerous for me to do….but I can’t help it.  The semester is coming to an end and Mother’s Day tomorrow, I’ve had a lot on my mind.  Mostly though, it’s just been about how truly lucky I am.  I know I say that frequently, but as I sit on this gorgeous deck enjoying my morning coffee, I can’t help but be thankful.  My life is pretty incredible mainly because of the people I have in it.  I’m on of the lucky ones who’s been born into a family that is amazing.  My sister is living back here again so I get the opportunity to spend more time with her and my niece and nephew.  I live with my insanely amazing aunt who has gone to the ends of the Earth for me providing me with a loving and beautiful home.  My parents are still around for me to annoy, which may not seem like much to you but is something I am truly grateful for.  I know my time with them is limited as we get older and I love that I can call my dad to ask him a stupid question that I know I can google.  I’m grateful I still have a relationship with my brother who can push my buttons but who I know through it all loves me.  I’m thankful for my boyfriend, who pushes me to be a better person, someone who is more patient and gives me the time I need to spend with my family without guilting me about it.  My mom and Dave who help fix my car over the phone or are just there to talk if I need to.

My life could have been very different from what it is now, if I didn’t have the people I do in my life.  I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people and that’s what has been on my mind lately as these days get warmer.  I’ve reached a point in my adult life where I’m very reflecting of everything that’s happened to me and everything that has been done for me and I’m grateful everyday.  I’ve even gotten to the point I’m looking for excuses to spend time with people instead of going off on my own.  For instance next weekend, I’m going to take a tour of Willard with my dad.  I know it’s not something high up to do on his list, especially when there’s so many other things he could be doing with his day, but I’m within 15 minutes of him and it’s a perfect excuse for me to spend some time with him.  Something 10 years ago I probably would have begged not to do.  My life these past 7 months have been a bit turbulent and utterly exhausting some days, but I wouldn’t change any of it.  This tired girl is utterly content with her life and is for once, optimistic about the future.


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