Important Facts of Life


So I’ve thought a lot lately about how my life has changed in the past 8 months, and how that has made me want to change.  Obviously for those of you who read my blog posts, you can see that I’m grateful, something that I wasn’t always vocal about in the past.  But another major thing has changed in me, I’m not focused on the negative anymore.  I used to be so overwhelmed by the negative in my life, things at school, at work, and especially in my relationships, that I never could see the good.  I’ve made a change to focus on the positives in life.  I see the things that people have done for me and I try and thank them for it.  Even in a horrible situation of essentially getting left at the alter in the middle of my fall semester, I focused on the people around me, my family and friends, and didn’t allow myself to be swallowed by the negative.

A major way in which I’ve focused on the positive is in my relationship with Mike.  Too many times have I seen couples who have nitpicked at the small things because it’s bothered them.  You didn’t buy the right lean ground beef that I asked, or you don’t fold the laundry the way I want it folded, or you didn’t give me a kiss when I walked through the door today.  So many times I have seen couples argue over these things, and I have argued over these things, but when you take a step back and really think about it, is it really that important?  Do your jeans have to be folded just so?  In the larger scheme of things, it’s minuscule things like these that really mean nothing.  But it’s also these things that over time, build up between the people in the relationship that they can no longer see the good in the other person.  Don’t misunderstand me here though, I’m certainly not saying that you shouldn’t talk to your partner about something that’s honest to god bothering you, but sometimes a little bit of leeway never hurt anyone.

Since I started dating Mike, I’ve tried really hard to let him know that I appreciate him.  Granted, we have our moments where things bother me (since nothing ever seems to bother him :P) but overall I’m extremely grateful to have this man in my life.  More than anything, it’s the little things that he notices and does for me that I love.  With how grueling my job is, he just knows that back rubs are vital to my happiness, and offers them every time I see him.  And not just quick back rubs to make my back feel better, but ones that last hours on end to help me relax and forget about my worries in the world.  I try to tell him at least once a day, that I appreciate what he does for me.  I don’t want to make his head as large as Asia, but I also know that he deserves to know that I’m grateful and that I notice the things he does.  I’d rather spend my time with him making him feel loved and appreciated rather than belittling him and making him feel like nothing he ever does is good enough.  More than anything, I just want him to know that I love him because he is wonderful to me and he makes me happy.  I’m thankful he is in my life, and I’m grateful I get to call him mine.

So for those of you reading this, if you take anything from what I’ve said, just remember to focus on the good in the people around you, and don’t be shy to let them know.  It’s nice to receive compliments right?  So what’s wrong with giving them?  You could make someone’s day and you’d be surprised at how good it will make you feel.


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