Days of Old


I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and maybe this is just some weird sense of nostalgia, but how come people don’t do things like they did in my grandparents age?  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly like the idea that I can have a career, and not be a stay at home maid and baby maker like women were expected to be in the 50’s, but why can’t we have the slow dancing in the living room to the radio, or the dates to go get ice cream, or the hot days of summer spent swimming in the local lake?  I know it’s probably a pipe dream, moments that all of us wish for, but one day I hope to realize them.

One of these has already happened to me and it’s a moment of my life I will never forget and that I will cherish forever, especially because one of them is already gone.  A few years ago, when I was living in New Hampshire, Pops as we affectionately called him, used to like to play the radio loud in the summer and jam out.  Well on this particular summer day, a song came on, and he couldn’t help himself, he pulled me out into the living room, grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and started dancing with her right there in front of the TV.  My ex and I laughed as we watched them dance away in the living room, until my ex pulled me out of the doorway to dance with him.  Eventually we switched partners and I danced with Pops while my ex danced with his mother.  It was a few carefree moments in a life of drudge that brought a smile to all our faces and a little light into our eyes.  It’s a few moments of my life I will never, ever forget, and one that I look back on with fondness now that his mother is gone.

I’m certainly not upset that relationship has ended as that was probably one of only a handful of moments that were ever good for me, but it’s definitely something I hope I can share with someone new.  I don’t want moments like that to be part of my past.  They’re too amazing to be all behind me.


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