Enough is Enough Already

There are a lot of things in this world that make me angry, but nothing makes me angrier than animal cruelty.  A cousin of mine shared a video this morning that I made the unfortunate mistake of watching because I didn’t read the description.  What I thought was going to be a cooking video turned out to be about a guy taking boiling water and throwing it onto a cat he had called up to the window.  People like this make my blood boil and make me seriously consider going to prison.  I consider my pets to be my children, now I understand that they aren’t really my children as they aren’t human, but they are living things that rely on me for the safety and their lives.  I didn’t adopt 2 cats with the idea of just wanting a cute pet, I knew I was taking them on for their entire lives and the responsibility of that was not something that I took lightly.

For those who don’t understand my thinking, I’ll explain.  I had a conversation with my boyfriend’s grandmother over Christmas that might put it into perspective.  She and I were discussing how I believe that ALL things are equal.  It’s not that I don’t understand the food chain, I’m a scientist, I get that if I go to Africa I can’t just walk up to a Lion and pet it because it will eat me and that the meat I eat has been killed so I may consume it.  But I think that every living thing deserves respect.  Just because I can talk and have a job doesn’t make me more or less important than my cats or your dog.  First and foremost I think about if I would want something done to me, if not, who am I to do it to something else?

I personally believe that for those who think animal cruelty is ok, they themselves should have to bear the same treatment.  It’s probably why I could never be an animal cruelty investigator because instead of turning them into the police I would chain them in the yards without food or water, or throw boiling water onto them.  I could never imagine treating an animal like some in this world do, even my boyfriend understands that if I had to choose between him and my cats, I’d choose the cats.  It’s not that I don’t love him to the moon and back, but I had them first and he has to fit into the unit that is my life and he gets that.  Granted, Atticus isn’t thrilled with having another man around, but Mike treats my animals with respect, even if at a distance to help make Atticus more comfortable.

All in all, be warned, if I ever find out that anyone I know has been involved in animal cruelty, keep one eye open while you sleep because I will be coming for you.


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