Going on a Rant…


Most of what I have posted on this site I’ve tried to keep on the lighter side.  I try to look at things as a learning experience or something I can be grateful for.  Today has been a rather annoying day for me and to top it all off, someone I considered to be a ‘friend’ posted the above picture on social media, I’m sure because he found it funny.  Now this picture really lets me know who he is as an individual and really puts his mentality right on display and I really can’t say as though this is someone that I want to include in my life.  I’ve had enough jerks in my life, I don’t need more.

In the past year, I have introduced and cut out a variety of individuals in my life.  If there is one thing I learned from my ex, it’s the fact that I am no longer willing to waste my life on people who don’t deserve it.  I have met so many selfless people in the past year, many of whom I have met through my boyfriend, that to see someone so blatantly self-centered is not only really unattractive, but not something I want in a so-called ‘friend’.  I don’t know when our world became such a huge place of ‘all me and screw you’ but I am not ok with this.  I never knew that you supposedly doing something nice for me wasn’t actually something nice but really just a way for you to get some sort of compensation out of it.

I have been fortunate in the last year to meet some truly amazing people and I can’t say as anyone less than that is someone I want to spend my time on.  I surround myself with people who actually care about those around them, instead of those who only look to see what’s in it for them.  I sincerely hope that the future of this world is a little less on being a jerkface and a little more on being compassionate to the needs of those around us.  Rant over.


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