Growing Up Isn’t Easy

Several recent situations have made me think a lot lately, about how much has changed and how I never thought I’d be where I am.  Growing up in a small town, I felt invincible, like time would never end, I’d be young forever and hanging out with friends.  Practically overnight I’m suddenly 27 and most of those friends have fallen away as we’ve all moved on with our lives.  You never expect as a teenager that someday the people you choose as your makeshift rag-tag family will no longer be there.  Suddenly you turn around and they’re all gone and you don’t know when or how it happened.  I didn’t grow up with a super close-knit group of friends because of where I lived and (unfortunately) some of the people I chose to spend my time with.  I was always left outside looking in, more often than not, but there have been a few people in my life that have left an impression on me of those long summer days spent outside on some adventure.  Some of those people I have no idea where or what they’re doing, I have lost all contact with them, while others I keep up with through Facebook and still hold out hope that someday we may see each other again.

Growing up and moving on isn’t easy but it’s something we are constantly doing.  We make a connection and maybe it’s one that lasts a lifetime, or maybe it doesn’t.  Some have a falling out, while others just seem to fade away until one day we realize we haven’t seen that person in years.  I sincerely miss the days I could just run over to the neighbors house and play for hours after school until dinner time.  It’s a time in my life I look back on with great fondness and I’m sad that my friend, as well as the fun we had, is gone.  I know in the passing away of old friends a space is created for a new one, and I highly value some of the friendships I’ve made in the last year and I hope those will turn into lifelong friends because looking back just makes me realize a majority of who I thought would be lifelong friends have turned out not to be.  They became a blip on my radar, a few lines in my story, and like our favorite characters in books, we’re sad when our time with them is over.  Just food for thought.


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