So I’ve already managed to miss a day of my NaBloPoMo, and I have no one to blame but myself. I sat at my computer all yesterday morning doing homework and I should have just done it then, and the sad part? I already knew what I wanted to talk about! Ugh, well today is a new day and I’m posting early so it doesn’t slip my mind for a second day in a row.

As for what I wanted to talk about yesterday, for the past month or so I’ve been following a woman on Instagram who is a pathologist in the Philadelphia area. From what I’ve heard we account has been deleted a few times because she posts pictures people have a hard time looking at, but I find it fascinating. She’s an educator and feels the need to teach those who aren’t her students what autopsy and death really look like. Now this doesn’t bother me because of the profession I’ll be going into and to see the morbid has always caught my attention. I love to learn and in forensics, you hear about the autopsy but never get to learn about it. I rarely use Instagram but her posts have been ones I have looked for because they are mysterious. She doesn’t always say what is wrong with the particular organ, or what the organ actually is so it becomes a guessing game of ‘what possibly killed the person.’  Which happens to be very similar to the job I’ll be doing just in a different scope. So for those of you who are unafraid of the morbid, curious about death and want to learn, please check out her Instagram page,  mrs_angemi. I will warn you, it can be graphic, but it is well worth it in my eyes.


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