The End is Nigh…

So the end of my college career is finally upon me.  I know I just wrote some about this the other day but it officially has started, I have sent out my CV today for a possible job once I graduate.  Granted, they don’t have an opening currently, but the fact is they will still have my CV on file for a position that I want, and they’ll notify me when they have an opening.  It’s scary and exciting but it needs to be done.  I need a big girl job.

Now that that subject has been discussed, I want to talk about something that I hope doesn’t lose me friends or start a huge argument.  Politics.  Before I really get started, I would like to state that I will not tell you who I am voting for, and neither do I care who anyone else is voting for, that’s a personal choice for all of us and I’m not here to try to convert anyone or be converted.  On that note, what I want to talk about is how insanely crazy this election has become.  I haven’t really paid attention to many elections growing up.  I remember the elections for George W. Bush were a bit on the anxious side for people, and the elections for Obama were also a bit on the anxious side, but this year has become a circus.  I am extremely disappointed in the way that people have behaved this election season.  The name-calling, the racism, the we vs them, or me vs you has become too much for me.  I have never in my life been ashamed to be American until now.  There were certainly things in our history that I don’t think any of us would be proud of, and things we would rather weren’t discussed, but this election has truly brought out the worst in some of us as Americans and makes me disappointed.  I have seriously considered looking for jobs overseas because of the actions I have seen developing in this country over the last few months.  And that isn’t saying that everywhere else in the world wouldn’t be just as bad, none of us are perfect, but the idea of living in a country that has devolved to the point this one has, makes me incredibly sad and angry.

I was always raised to be accepting of those of different colors, background, heritages, and lifestyles, but in 2016 people are trying to tell others what they should believe and for others that they are unwelcome and to get out.  I’m not going to apologize for feeling this way, and I know things could be a whole hell of a lot worse, but my idea of America has always been one of manifest destiny and acceptance, and to see a huge lack of respect and self-control this election has made me sad beyond belief.donkeyelephant-jpg-560x0_q80_crop-smart


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