Another Day, Another 50 Cents

So I sent my CV to the medical examiner’s office in Philadelphia yesterday (I promised the bestie I would do it this weekend and I was hell-bent on keeping that promise) and today I applied for another job in North Carolina. I’ll be surprised if I actually hear back from either, but I’ve started taking the first steps into official adulthood and out of the college mind-set. It still doesn’t feel completely real that I could have my degree in my hands by the end of this year but I am determined that I will accomplish my goal and finally have my bachelor’s. I’ve become so tired of working at dead-end jobs that can’t make ends meet and I’m hopeful for my future in forensics.

On another note, I tried baking an apple pie last night with a cinnamon bun crust and my final results were….lackluster to say the least. It didn’t cook evenly, the apples didn’t break down (even having been sliced wafer thin), and it was just all in all something I don’t think I’ll try again. I have fallen in love with doing an apple pie with a crumb topping and I think I’ll stick with that from here on out. One of these days I need to pick up the cranberries to make the cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, it was a hit last year and I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of making it this year. And the peanut butter pie, I’ve already had requests for that. Oh the horrors of being a good canner/cook! I really need to start working on my crappy cooking so people expect less of me. 😂


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