I am Ashamed Today

Sitting here at my computer, it’s hard to type.  I’ve had a multitude of thoughts running through my head this morning after a sleepless night last night, but the longer today has gone on, the more I feel like I need to say something.  I’m not here to get into a political discussion with anyone about who they voted for and why, or whether they were wrong or not, I’m here to admit to the fact that I am overwhelmingly ashamed of the American people today.

Let me clarify this.  I will honestly tell you all right now that I did not vote for Trump.  I won’t delve into why, that’s unimportant.  I am also not saying that I am ashamed today because the election is over and the candidate that I did vote for lost, I can certainly take a loss, after all there’s another election in 4 years.  I am ashamed today because hatred and exclusion has overtaken our country in all forms.  I am ashamed today because the country I hope to leave for my children is seemingly slipping between my fingers.  I was raised in a family that believed in unity, harmony, equality, and most importantly, in love.  I am scared to see where this man might take our country in the future, but furthermore, I am scared to see where the people of our country take us.  The sheer level of hate I have seen displayed today astounds me.  We live in a country that was founded on being able to voice our opinions, fight for what we believe is right and ours, and above all, for the right to be free of fear from oppression.  The fact that people who voted for Trump are telling the rest of America to shut up and stop whining, and those who didn’t vote for Trump are turning against their friends, family, and neighbors who did, makes me so ashamed.  I thought the ideals of this country were more important.

I am scared of where he may take our country and the laws that may be repealed or passed because they will affect me and those around me, but we seem to have forgotten that this is America!  We can fight back.  We do not have to take anything lying down.  I won’t lie, I am now seriously considering leaving this country, and not just because he has been elected as our leader but I’ll leave that for a different conversation.  This country has overnight plunged into a place I cannot believe I call home. America, today I am ashamed of you, I thought we were better than this.


4 thoughts on “I am Ashamed Today

      • I know exactly what you mean.
        Sad, tired, worried, defeated, those words come to mind but they seem to fall short.

        Your post helps me though.
        It helps me to know that not everyone is willing to be apart of all the hate.

        I’m serious. Thank you so much for writing this.

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