I Needed a Break

So I’ve done a horrible job with NaBloPoMo so far but honestly the last few days I needed a break. With all the political unrest going on I was not in the mood to talk about anything that was going on, so I needed a break. Now having had the weekend to reflect on what’s been going on I have to say these are times of change. I’ve heard some of the times when my parents were growing up, the civil rights movement, JFK’s assassination, Vietnam, the list goes on. A majority of my childhood has been a crazy time of school shootings, bomb threats, and terrorism. The past few days (besides a few extreme cases) feels different, more like the days my parents talk about. Now there’s really no comparison between the extremely tumultuous time of the 60’s and the current time but with the protests I’ve seen over the weekend gives me an overwhelming sense of pride in our country. Now I will openly admit I haven’t looked at all of them, or the entire length of all of them, but the ones I did see were done in a peaceful manner with thousands of people and it reminds me that this is what our country was founded on, the right to speak our minds and express our opinions. To watch people after this latest election decide as a collective to show the rest of their country and their government that they were opposed to an idea, was awe-inspiring. Granted, this is all coming from someone who has never protested a day in her life, but I’m proud to watch America voice her opinion in a dignified manner in the way Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton did, the way Martin Luther King Jr did. Even if the protesters don’t get the outcome they’re looking for, I feel like this is a time of change, the beginning of a new age in America where we finally have the courage to stand up and say “ENOUGH!” Today America, I am proud.


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